Select Pearls

The Time has Come for Select Pearls to Evolve.

It has been our great pleasure to serve our customers for the last 13 years. Your patronage, curiosity, and discerning tastes have always allowed us to strive for greater quality in our product and service.

Select Pearls has now transitioned from a customer facing jeweller to a brokerage house where we will provide bespoke services for custom pearl pieces. We will no longer be offering a ready-to-wear product line.

If you are an existing Select Pearls customer and have a question or comment, you can contact us at

The Brokerage

Select Pearls specializes in bespoke pearl pieces of exceptional quality, whilst providing experienced consultation to expertly tailor these pieces to each of our highly discerning clients.

Our Service

Each year we cumulate thousands of hours examining first quality pearls. We utilize this experience to fit pearls to the individual based on a myriad of thoughtful and practical considerations.

Our clients comfortably sit with us, one-on-one, as we take them through a tailoring process both educational and enjoyable.

The confluence of our knowledgeability, such inherently stunning pearls, and the customization to the client, has the result of stunning pearl jewellery that is cherished for generations.

Our Products

The pearls of Select Pearls are for the aficionado looking for the kind of quality only authenticity can bring. The finest Japanese Akoya, Black Tahitian, White South Sea, and Golden South Sea cultured pearls available are impossible to access without special privilege.

Each one-of-a-kind piece we present is individually numbered and accompanied by a Certificate of Provenance, and a Gemological Institute of America lab report, authenticating origins and the natural colour and natural lustre of each precious pearl.

Select Pearls is synonymous with quality and authenticity. We provide unique access to the best quality pearls in the world, and the peace of mind to our clients that only experience can bring.

Select Pearls pieces are only available through consultation, by appointment.